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With NetScore Founder,
Tim Benson

If you love marketing, entrepreneurship, and financial freedom… then this is the show for you!

Our listeners are obsessed with growing businesses. 

If you’re just starting out or you're already doing some serious numbers and just want to take things to the next level, our show features guests who are experts when it comes to building long term wealth through entrepreneurship.

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship and investing are the tickets to freedom. So we look to provide our listeners with a diverse set of perspectives to help them accelerate their journey to financial freedom.

At the end of the day, we all start businesses because we have a dream.

This show helps you make that dream real.

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Business Mindset 101 With Luis Cordova

Join us on NetScore's flagship Podcast, "Coffee and Cashflow" as we discuss business mindset, how to grow your business including tips / strategies from my dear friend, Luis Cordova, owner of two music schools in California!Hosted by NetScore founder Tim Benson, we'll deep dive into what are the CORE things that self doers and entrepreneurs need to focus on, common mistakes to avoid and ways to think about your business and cashflow. Be sure to tune in to this episode!



Email Marketing and Mindset

In Episode 2 of Coffee and Cashflow we discuss hot topics of the day including special guest Johann with Email Bullseye, email marketing specialist!



Coffee & Cashflow Talks Bitcoin!

In this episode we talk about Bitcoin and other popular Cryptocurrencies. Many notable investors, startups, tech developers are very heavily involved in this space and we wanted to explore what the "smart money" is doing. Join us as we discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and more!

Who this podcast is for:

• Entrepreneurs,
• Self-doers,
• Marketers,
• Business Owners

...and ANYONE that is looking to expand their cashflow streams and make
their skills and passion a HIGHLY profitable venture!

It's no secret that in today's world having multiple streams of income is not only a luxury but a NECESSITY for those that want to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our focus on this podcast is to give listeners REAL, actionable advice from those that are blazing their own paths.

These are real stories and high level tips / advice that anyone can consider and use in their own "cashflow" journey.

Hosted by Tim Benson • Founder / NetScore

Tim Benson with Anthony Melchiorri's "Hotel Impossible" (Travel Channel)

About Tim:

Tim Benson is a successful entrepreneur. His first business is a music school - which is still actively running and helping students fulfill their lifelong music dreams. In the process of getting this going, Tim realized how important marketing and sales was.

That’s what led him to start his second business NetScore - which helps position businesses as authorities and drive traffic and sales. Tim has helped over 200+ business owners and counting.

With the help of international coaches like Marty Fort and Dan Kennedy, he's been able to create multiple businesses specializing in sales and marketing.

Tim has shared the stage along side other international speakers including Marty Fort, Dave Kerpin, Randi Zuckerberg, Dan Kennedy and travel channel's Anthony Melchiorri.